Marketplaces / Multi Tenant Solutions

General Commerce Architecture

Need a Marketplace or Multi Tenant B2B or B2C Ecommerce Solution?

Few ecommerce solutions permit multi tenancy in their license. We do. Each store has independent administration pages that you can configure to have all features or a limited subset. We are the only True Multi Store solution that can have separate domains/urls, content, products, pricing, orders, templates, emails, shipping, tax and payment options per store.

Create B2B or B2C sites that pull data for your master catalog. If you have our Marketplace capability you can create Multiple Marketplaces to collect orders or pass to Supplier Stores. Supports Thousands of Suppliers with simple or fully automated import of products, prices and inventory, Create thousands of Online Retail Stores for your locations, branch offices, multi country sites, brands, suppliers or resellers all integrated to your ERP.

Marketplace Data Flow Diagram

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