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Avetti Commerce is the Marketplace Platform dedicated for all your needs: B2C, B2B, B2B2C, Channel, Procurment and more.

Avetti can help you move to a modern scalable, integrated solution based on the latest technology to capture the opportunities you see. Our solutions cover:


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What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace permits buyers and sellers to find each other and optionally transact. Marketplaces can be configured with multiple tiers of suppliers and can be integrated into an existing ecommerce system or deployed independently using an all in one solution such as Avetti Commerce.

  • Suppliers manage their assortment in the categories they are assigned
  • Suppliers provide product support, warehousing and product sourcing
  • Adding Suppliers to your Online store permits you to test new markets to increase sales with little effort
  • Marketplaces can be setup for B2B, B2C and B2B2C use cases and used by Distributors, Manufacturers, Online Stores or created for new opportunities where sellers transact with buyers.


    Boost your growth
    with agility and reliability

    Deploy your strategy by using the complete Marketplace SaaS Suite Platform and start generate sales immediately.

    Control and monitor all activities: catalog, sales, sellers, suppliers and more.

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    Benefit advices from our
    marketplace experts

    Discover and enjoy the best practices shared by our team. Whatever your challenge and your industry, our experts will assist you from the strategy until the delivery.


    Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Platform for B2B, B2C or Service Marketplaces

    One advanced platform for your needs

    B2B, B2C, B2B2C Marketplaces

    Streamline your operations and connect buyers to sellers using a B2B marketplace. Easily onboard suppliers, and use their product expertise to provide support for buyers on your marketplace.

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    B2B, B2C and B2B2C Marketplaces

    Distribution Channel Marketplaces

    Manufacturers now you can empower your distributors and resellers to purchase your products easily and efficiently. Upgrade your existing Distributor Management System (DMS) to a modern, multi-tier ecommerce marketplace solution.

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    Multi Channel Marketplaces

    Enterprise Marketplaces

    Dramatically increase your revenue by expanding your assortment. Onboard new products quickly to meet changing market demands. Offload product support and product sourcing to your suppliers.

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    Enterprise Marketplace

    Procurement Marketplaces

    A B2B marketplace is a more flexible, powerful alternative to a traditional procurement solution for managing spending and RFP/RFQ processes.

    Spend Management Marketplace

    Suppliers will register for approval to be listed or to have their catalogs accessible via CXML Punchout on your private marketplace, which is only accessible to your internal staff and employees.

    Bids & Tenders Marketplace

    Post Bids and Tenders on your private marketplace and permit approved suppliers to access or to register interest in a tender.

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    Procurement MarketplaceBids and Tenders Marketplaces

    Direct to Consumer (D2C)

    Simplify your selling process by eliminating middlemen entities. Instead, sell directly to your consumers. D2C sites enable you to build strong customer relationships, gain control over your brand, and collect valuable data.

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    Direct to Consumer

    Why Avetti Commerce?

    High Capabilities

    High Capabilities

    Our SaaS Suite Marketplace Platform offers unprecedented components, features, filters and parameters.



    Suits all your needs by providing flexibility and customization to deliver your dedicated marketplace platform.



    Stay focus on your business, we take care of the platform and the infrastructure.

    Fast Deployment

    Fast Deployment

    Reduce your Time-To-Market by using our Turn-Key solution Marketplace Platform.

    High Reliability

    High Reliability

    Secure your business by using our proven powerful infrastructure.

    Costless Solution

    Costless Solution

    Fits with your budget whatever your needs, your industry and your stage.

    Erik Schamberger Quote

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Avetti for the last 10 years to develop and enhance over 10 eCommerce sites across 8 countries. Avetti is a company of hard- working, flexible people. They have high integrity and a drive to get things done...and done well. I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

    Erik Schamberger
    Past eCommerce Director
    The Bradford Exchange

    Boost your growth with an online marketplace