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Supplier Connected Ecommerce

In the past retailers would put the top 1000 of the 40,000 skus the had online. However today modern retailers have learned that as long as you have a scalable ecommerce solution you have unlimited online shelf space.

In addition if you have spent so much to get customers to visit your online site why note increase your ROI by adding complementary products from external suppliers? Avetti Commerce makes this easy with supplier and master catalog support built in to our scalable multi store ecommerce offering.

You can create not just 1 ecommerce site but a points store, and employee recognition store, stores for different product lines, microsites for product launches and even sites specific to a country or a geographic region all served form a Master Catalog.

Suppliers can upload products using spreadsheets and update inventory and price using simple CSV files they can upload and automate via Secure FTP. Larger suppliers can use our ERP integration tools or call our webserivces.

Avetti Commerce also supports multiple suppliers of the same product each with inventory and pricing and lets you show just one or multiple on the same product page similar to how Amazon does this.

We support both B2B and B2C ecommerce with both add to cart and quote capabilties. If you also need marketplace support, apps or retail omni channel we have solutions.

If you need Punchout or need Single Sign On we support OAuth, OAuth2 and SAML and other solutions.

Whether you have a simple single store on a cost effective SaaS or License or need an enterprise level solution customized and integrated we can help