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Software or Service Pricing

Avetti Commerce has worked with firms that need a simple ecommerce solution to large organizations with complex requirements and large sites that sell millions of dollars per day. We offer customization and implementation services from our 5 global offices to deliver no matter where you are in the world.

You can license and host in your own data centre however our standard license pricing assumes AWS (the Amazon Cloud) or the Google Cloud.

Enterprise Licenses from only $7500 USD/year per server jvm plus implementation

The license option provide Source Code which means you have no vendor lock in. Our standard enterprise license provides Full Java Source code with the exception of the License Compliance module.

You can start with 1 server but for customers with marketplaces or more than 100,000 products we recommend a 2 or 3 server cluster for high speed and high availability.

Licensing starts at $7,500 USD per server jvm per year and includes access to product updates. A 3 server enterprise cluster is $22,500 per year. Compared to other firms this is very cost effective and provides similar if not more capability. Support is sold separately.

SaaS Solutions can be configured Starting from $200 USD per month plus implementation

If you do not need Source code and use only out of the box features or have Avetti customize for you you can have a SaaS solution on a dedicated server with code customized for your needs. You would register an AWS (Amazon Cloud) account and pay the monthly fees for the level of server that meets your budget. Avetti would configure the account. The Cost of the monthly SaaS license is 30% of the Monthly AWS invoice. This provides a significant cost saving for firms that do not need source code access.