Agency Multi-Store eCommerce

Agency Multi-Store eCommerce

Your WordPress CMS, 100 eCommerce Stores, 1 Avetti Commerce Server, Separate RDS Database server for more capacity and to the second database backups, ImageKit Free Account, GitHub Account, Avetti Front End Licence


For 100 eCommerce Stores

Less than $5 per store!

Billing Frequency:

Annually Monthly

Plus Onboarding / Setup Package

  • Ideal for 100 eCommerce separate sites with 300,000 products or less
  • Avetti Commerce React/NextJS Front End  – Full Source Access
  • Business Flexibility to integrate any API
  • Full Access to Development Environment
  • Stripe and TAP Payments and other processors
  • Fedex, UPS, DHL and user defined logistics
  • Integration to Supplier SME Shopify/Magento eCommerce
  • White-labelled admin pages
  • 50 Gig traffic per month
  • Dedicated Level 2 Infrastructure