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Avetti classroom training courses are the best way to give you and your team a head start in any industry. Since we are an international e-commerce company, we offer online training via screen sharing. We also offer on-site instruction at our Barrie, Canada and Panama City, Panama offices.

  • Promotions and Marketing How To
  • Template Training
  • Module Development Training
  • Auto Scaling Setup Training
  • More courses are coming soon. Ask us about multi day classroom work shops as well.

Developer Training

Accelerate your Development and Lessen your Project Risk

We offer the following Developer Training and User Training Packages

Developer Training

$10,000 for 5 days of Developer Training with one of our senior developers via remote screen share via Join me or Team Viewer and Skype voice. Yes you can have your whole team in the room for no additional cost. We cover our module subsystem so you learn how not to fork the code base to stay compatible. You will learn:

  • The best approaches to extending the code base
  • Use of the database migrator
  • The deployment tools
  • Technical architecture
  • Clustering
  • Spring and Hibernate Integration
  • Web services
  • Development of payment processors
  • Shipping integration
  • ERP integration
  • PCI applications.

User Training

$10,000. Have your Marketing, CSR, Template, Catalog Data, Sysadmins and Infrastructure teams learn how to use Avetti Commerce. We have 30 courses that includes exercises. We spend 1 hour to give an overview of every course then support via Skype Chat to help those of your team that will go deeper and do the exercises to solidify their knowledge. Tests confirm they have learned the material. Courses typically run for 3 to 4 hours one afternoon a week and run for 8 weeks. A session typically involves a 30 minute recap of any issues with previous exercises, then 3 to 4 hours to cover 3 to 4 courses a week. Different groups of your team can attend different courses. There is no limit as to how many are in the room.

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