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Support Terms & Conditions

Avetti at its discretion will determine if the reported issue is support or professional services. You will be advised as early as possible if the ticket is professional services. Support covers help with the use of features, requests for additional documentation on how to use features and general problems with the running of the application. Bug reports are welcome and will be corrected in the latest version of the code. You can then migrate to that version when available or request professional services to help upgrade.

Support or Professional Services?

Support covers help with using the application but is limited to specific activities. The following guidelines are used to determine if a ticket is billable as professional services.

  • If you require one on one training on a feature this will be considered professional services. Avetti will also recommend more cost effective training courses.
  • If the ticket requests work on your server to perform code changes, template change or database changes then its professional services.
  • If the ticket requests work on your server to install software, reconfigure the server or any software or check network issues then its professional services.
  • If you have modified your server environment from the Avetti standard, or have modified the code and the issue is due to your server changes or code modifications then its professional services.
  • If you need to have code migrated or your server updated to the latest tag or any code deployed to your server then its professional services.
  • If you need to have our team ssh to your servers to check server log files, database tables, check mail server connectivity, install any application or check server or database performance then its professional services.
  • If you need our team to login to the admin pages of your servers to check how a promotion, discount, coupon, gift card or any other configuration is configured then this will be considered professional services if Avetti considers these requests to be too frequent or excessive. Avetti will recommend training courses for your staff.

We strongly recommend that customers have QA and Dev servers setup on the aws cloud and replicate their production preview environment to the cloud server so that our staff does not need to access your production servers. if you need help with an order then you may be asked to replicate the shop db to the qa server and scrub the db of customer data. If you prefer we can access your production server if it is on the aws cloud. If you have a server on not on the cloud then professional services are required for any on server work that requires SSH access to that server and any time needed to setup VPNs or work through special access procedures.

We may also require that you replicate your production environment to an aws cloud server if we cannot access your production server or its network connectivity is too slow.

Response Time Service Level Agreement

  • The 2 day SLA is a 16 business hour SLA.
  • The 1 day SLA is a 8 business hour SLA.
  • The 4 hr SLA is for 4 hours

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) refers to response time from the time tickets are placed in our mantis issue tracking system and we are notified in the Skype chat support window of the existance of the ticket. Notification of an issue by Skype chat, email or phone call still requires a ticket be created in mantis and the ticket #:title placed in the Skype window.

If a ticket is created at 4 pm on a weekday and you have a 4 hour SLA then Avetti has until noon the next business day to respond to the ticket. If you require that the ticket be worked on overnight or on the weekend and you have 724 incidents available on your support plan indicate in the Skype chat window that you wish to use a 724 incident. The same holds true for the 1 day SLA support plan. The 2 day SLA plan has no 724 support incidents.

Business hours refers to the timezone and hours of operation at the Avetti Canada head office from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Canadian holidays are excluded

Note that Response time does not mean resolution. Avetti will resolve issues as soon as possible however issues are prioritized by severity and customers with higher support plans are given priority.

Support Reporting Procedure

  • You must include full screen screen shots showing issues. We need to see the URL bar and the browser used.
  • Attach any files that show the problem or hold imported data.
  • Include urls to the pages with the problem. Include Access info. Try to replicate the issue on preview first.
  • Create a ticket in mantis then in the group Skype chat window advise us of the ticket by pasting the ticket #:title
  • You must notifiy us via Skype chat of the existance of the ticket.
  • If you update the ticket paste ticket #:title Updated

If you have 724 support incidents available in your support plan you will be given a procedure for accessing emergency support after hours.

Note that these terms and conditions will be updated from time to time. Any disputes have the same venue and governing law as the Avetti Commerce software licensing agreement. Delay of any payment to Avetti may cause resolution of reported issues to be delayed. The English version of this document takes precedence over any other version in any other language if there are differences in content or different meanings via incorrect translation.