Integrate Your Own eCommerce to Procurement Systems
or Upgrade to a PunchOut-enabled eCommerce site

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Large companies are purchasing Procurement Systems such as SAP/Ariba, Coupa, Oracle eProcurement and others.

These system permit their staff to only purchase from approved suppliers and route any order to management for approvals.

Once a large buyer has a procurement system they will require that all suppliers upgrade their ecommerce sites to be Punchout enabled. This is probably why you are now searching for a solution.

The Avetti Punchout Gateway Service makes this easy.

We can help in 2 ways. We can supply an CXML punchout enabled eommerce site that can be merged into your existing website and is only accessible to your Punchout customers or your team (if you have developers) can integrate our APIs into your existing site.

Punchout Elements

A PunchOut gateway is a technology solution that enables suppliers to connect their e-commerce platform to a buyer’s procurement system, allowing buyers to access the supplier’s product catalog directly from their own procurement system. 

A PunchOut catalog is an electronic catalog of products and services offered by a supplier. It is accessed by buyers through their procurement system using a PunchOut connection. Buyers can browse and select products from the supplier’s catalog, and the PunchOut connection allows for real-time pricing and inventory updates.

PunchOut catalogs are useful in B2B eCommerce transactions because they provide several benefits to both buyers and suppliers. Here are some of the reasons why PunchOut is useful:

For buyers: PunchOut catalogs enable buyers to access a supplier’s product catalog directly from their own procurement system. This means they can browse, search, and purchase products from suppliers without having to leave their procurement platform, streamlining the procurement process and reducing the time and effort required to manage purchasing tasks.

For suppliers: PunchOut catalogs help suppliers to increase their visibility and reach among potential buyers. By integrating their product catalog into a buyer’s procurement system, suppliers can offer personalized pricing, products, and services, improving their chances of winning business and increasing sales.

For both buyers and suppliers: PunchOut catalogs provide real-time pricing and inventory information, ensuring that both parties have access to accurate and up-to-date product data. This can help to reduce errors and delays in the procurement process and improve overall efficiency.

For procurement teams: PunchOut catalogs offer greater control and visibility over the procurement process, allowing procurement teams to track orders, monitor spending, and enforce procurement policies more effectively. This can help to reduce costs, improve compliance, and streamline procurement workflows.

PunchOut Catalog Benefits

  • Sell to large buyers
  • Become a pre-approved vendor before your competitors do
  • Sell to New Markets
  • Automate the Purchasing process
  • Many Buyers now require you to sell via PunchOut. Be ready!
  • Respond to RFPs that require PunchOut catalogs

Why Would You Need a PunchOut Catalog?

Many large corporations have an eProcurement solution (Ariba, Oracle, iProcurement, SAP, Peoplesoft, Coupa. Infor Lawson. or any CXML e-procurement system) to control the ordering of products and services.

Rather than making the purchase via credit card payment from the suppliers’ B2C or B2B eCommerce website, the employees must use eProcurement applications to generate purchase orders. Using PunchOut catalogs, buyers can authorize which employees can purchase from the list of pre-approved contracted suppliers.

PunchOut catalogs simplify the purchasing process for employees, as they are able to quickly create purchase orders that conform to supplier agreements.

Have us set up a new PunchOut Catalog online store for you or use our PunchOut Gateway service and re-use your existing website.

A typical setup process takes 2 to 3 weeks if your web team can work quickly and your customer can test without delay. We will advise your team on what changes to your site are needed and help test it. Adding additional procurement systems after the first week can be done in 1 to 2 weeks typically.

CXML PunchOut Procurement Integration

Has Your Customer asked you to be PunchOut-enabled? We can help.

We support Ariba, SAP, Coupa, Oracle iProcurement, Infor/Lawson, Birch and other procurement systems.

PunchOut-enabled eCommerce

$99/Month (Billed Quarterly)

PunchOut-enabled eCommerce added to your Site


  • $2,000 – 40 hours Onboarding Package
  • $1,000 – PunchOut Configuration and Testing

PunchOut Gateway Service

Billed Quarterly

Your developers must modify your site


  • $3,000 – Integration support to your developers and testing