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Multi-Store eCommerce Case Study

Avetti has been a strategic partner of Geiger in the United States for 15 years.  We provide leading-edge eCommerce and provide services to customize to any level when they need to go beyond front-end customization.  We back them up so they can provide leading solutions to their customers.

Avetti’s multi-store capability permits distributors like Geiger to set up hundreds of sites on multiple clusters of multiple servers. Each site has its own domain name and can be customized for that customer’s needs.  Administration panels permit management of the catalog, orders, price, and inventory per store with full integration to back-end systems.

Our marketplace capability adds a Master Catalog where the same products can be shared to multiple sites.

Many of our customers have complex personalization needs or different eCommerce processes, especially B2B customers.  Avetti has deep experience with personalized solutions to configure products on a per-customer basis so that you can always say yes to your customers.

Screenshot of a Geiger Category Page
Screenshot of a Geiger Item Page