Multi Store Ecommerce

Are you setting up many ecommerce sites and the work to set up and manage separate instances of ecommerce solutions is difficult and time consuming?

Now you can access a powerful enterprise level ecommerce solution at a SaaS price and reduce your costs.

To start setting up a new site is a 10 minute task. Just copy the demo store or any store you have created and then assign the custom domain name or subdomain.

On 1 server you can create up to 500 ecommerce enabled sites with a total of up to 500,000 products.

Each has independent:

  • admin pages
  • templates
  • domains
  • orders
  • customers
  • pricing and inventory

To save even more time a master catalog is included to hold common products used by many stores

A template library permits you to share templates among many stores

You have full access to the html, css and js to modify the look of the site.

Up to 20 payment gateways are included along with shipping integrations

We include unlimited webinar training and hours of support is included each month

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