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B2B/B2C Marketplace Software

Avetti Commerce supports both Product and Service Marketplaces.

Avetti Commerce supports multiple types of marketplaces. You can inventory products or have suppliers drop ship or have a mix of both. There is a rich communication process included as well.

Product marketplaces are transactional and have the standard B2C add to cart process. You can also enable a full quote process in addition to the add to cart process with requirements and negotiation messages.

A key concern for some organizations is the visibility of the supplier to the buyer. Avetti Commerce permits the supplier to be fully hidden or partially visible which is the case of the supplier drop ships to the buyer. Also larger firms may have multiple distribution centers that inventory product from suppliers and repack it and aggregate it into larger orders which can totally hide the identity of the supplier. These Product Marketplaces with Distribution centers are also supported by Avetti Commerce via the creation of Internal Ordering Stores where your staff can purchase from Suppliers to restock your Distribution centers or warehouse.

Service marketplaces are similar to dating sites where suppliers or sellers are visible to buyers and also optionally have microsites. The key feature is communication between buyer and sellers where they negotiate sales of their services. In this type of marketplace there are also multiple levels of suppliers and each may have different benefits or visibility to buyers.

Avetti Commerce also includes support for the Supplier tier where suppliers have individual admin portals to upload products in XLS format or manually or via webservices. Alternatively the supplier can use Secure FTP to upload price and inventory changes using CSV files and download Orders CSV files.

A key need with all types of marketplaces is for communication from Buyer to admin to Supplier or Seller. The links below have diagrams showing the architecture and the communication data flow for Product Enquiry and Quote Request Messages

Marketplace Types

Marketplace/Solutions for Multiple Users

General Architecture of Commerce
B2B Marketplace/Data Flow Diagram