Our Technology

Recently, there has been a massive shift towards the use of more sophisticated JavaScript libraries based on either React or AngularJS rather than classic HTML5 sites.

This is primarily due to the increased speed. These single page websites load and process all the JavaScript upon first access to the site, making navigation to other pages extremely fast.

Avetti’s solutions manage the URL structures for search engine optimization (SEO) and permit any of these URLs to be the entry point for the site.

We also pre-render the product and category pages to achieve great SEO and even more speed. Of course, elements of the page that need to be dynamic will stay dynamic.

To pre-render, we use Gatsby for small marketplaces and NextJS for larger sites. We use CDNs and Digital Asset Managers and typically deploy on AWS globally; however, we also have clients on Azure and GCloud. Our SaaS or licensed solutions can be deployed to the AWS data center of your choice, or even your own private data center.

Our React-based administration pages communicate via GraphQL to our Java-based back end. This approach not only gives you flexibility to brand the admin pages, but also provides your team and your suppliers with GraphQL APIs to access orders, inventory, prices, and to update their catalog data.

You’ll have full access to a customizable front end starter marketplace, even if you use our SaaS solution. If your design staff are not skilled in React, we have teams available to customize the site for you. However, we find anyone with advanced HTML5 can modify a site's design, even without expertise in ReactJS.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll be able to import products from small business ecommerce systems. You’ll also receive daily automatic inventory updates.

Our solutions support all types of product entities. We’ll typically work with you on the product taxonomy, facets and entity types.

For personalized or configurable products, we offer deep support. We can work on customizable solutions to bring these capabilities to your project.

We also provide export integration to Zapier, Integromat and other glue solutions to exchange data between the ecommerce site and your back end systems.

Avetti Chat is included, which permits your buyers to directly message or chat with suppliers who can provide product support.

Quote and negotiation processes are supported. We can also support transactional, non-transactional, or lead generation ecommerce marketplaces.

A project manager will be assigned for a 90 day implementation. Our teams can provide customization and design services, and all of our solutions ensure WCAG 2.1 accessibility compliance. The last month of the implementation will involve a performance and security test.

We start with a 1 server deployment, and can scale as needed via AWS scaling and soon Kubernetes.

Below is our microservices API and a diagram showing our multi-tier supplier support system.

Headless Microservices