Composable Commerce

Finally  you can get the Business Advantage of Composable Commerce for all sizes of eCommerce and Marketplace projects!
Modern platforms use React + Nextjs to create a Jamstack solution with fast responsive pages that keep your customers on your site and increase conversions.
The Avetti Commerce platform provides a Jamstack Front End with Full Front End Source access with dedicated infrastructure on a SaaS backend model  for fast deployment and PCI DSS Level 1 Security..   You can Start small and test your business idea to confirm the opportunity

You Gain:

  • No Lock in – switch between Best of Breed solutions as you grow. your business
  • Have full control of the site to modify it and to integrate other systems
  • Work with large catalogs and set pricing per customer group or customer or per currency
  • Need Punchout Integration to be ready when your buyers require you to be integrated to their procurement systems?
  • Do you plan to Aggregate other Suppliers to increase sales?  Get the Supplier admin portals you need
  •  Includes Integration to Supplier Ecommerce sites to greatly simplify onboarding and price and inventory updates!

Plus with Composable Commerce integrate to other CMS and DXP systems to manage content with full control.

Plugins are dumb you can only turn them on or off. Learn more about how you can get more control and site performance.

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React, NextJS and Jamstack Logos

Are you looking for an Composable Commerce  eCommerce or Marketplace solution that integrates with a CMS/DXP?

You can now benefit from all the capabilities offered by both solutions for a unique experience for your team and your customers. Combining any Content Management System with with the powerful Avetti Commerce Front-End combined with the Avetti Commerce SaaS Service will enable you to create a Custom Marketplace or eCommerce site with a professional design and advanced features, easily managing both content and products and integrating various payment and shipping options.  With Full Front-End Source Code Access You have the ability to create a custom shopping experience  and integrate other best of breed solutions using Avetti’s Composable Commerce capabilities.

  • Customizable: The platform allows businesses to create a unique and fully-branded online store or custom marketplace.
  • Flexible: Start small with a platform that can scale as your business grows from SME level to Enterprise. 
  • Scalable: The platform can handle large amounts of traffic and transactions, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Comprehensive: The platform includes a wide range of built-in features, including inventory management, customer management, and shipping and tax calculation.
  • Powerful: The platform has hundreds of features and integrations.
  • SEO Friendly: Platform allows configuring SEO friendly URL, metadata and other SEO-friendly features.