Composable Commerce Benefits

For Developers

Netlify lets their developers EASILY modify routes to compose multiple applications into one solution and to EASILY build Front-End code that brings together multiple applications either by routes or API calls

Screenshot of Netlify Dashboard

For Marketers

Marketers will love our solution as they can use Visual CMS tools such as to update content on the site with NO IT involvement.  You can also use any CMS from simple Wordpress to DXP’s like Adobe Experience Manager depending on your budget and needs

Screenshot of Adobe Experience Manager Dashboard
Screenshot of Dashboard

For Business Users

Business users love flexibility. You can choose when to scale as your Business needs. For example, the CMS component from WordPress to to Adobe Experience Manager. You can have multiple marketplaces and even hundreds of eCommerce sites and provide suppliers with portals to self-manage their products that you can approve. You can bring in other applications into the solution as needed.

Enterprise Composable Marketplace Diagram
SME Composable Marketplace Diagram