Composable Commerce Benefits

For Developers

Vercel and Netlify enable developers to conveniently modify routes, allowing them to compose multiple applications into a unified solution. Additionally, these platforms provide an effortless means of building front-end code that integrates multiple applications via either routes or API calls.

Screenshot of Netlify Dashboard

For Marketers

Our solution will be highly appealing to marketers since they can easily update the content on the website without requiring any assistance from the IT department, by leveraging Visual CMS tools like Moreover, depending on their budget and requirements, they can opt for any CMS ranging from a simple Wordpress to a complex DXP like Adobe Experience Manager.

Screenshot of Adobe Experience Manager Dashboard
Screenshot of Dashboard

For Business Users

Flexibility is highly valued by business users as it allows them to scale their operations as per their requirements. Our solution provides this flexibility by offering a range of CMS options such as WordPress,, and Adobe Experience Manager. In addition, it allows for the creation of multiple marketplaces and hundreds of eCommerce sites, with the added functionality of supplier portals for self-management of products that can be approved by the business. Furthermore, our solution seamlessly integrates with other applications as required, providing businesses with the ability to expand and adapt their operations as needed.

Enterprise Composable Marketplace Diagram
SME Composable Marketplace Diagram