Commerce SaaS

B2B E-Commerce Marketplace

  • Multi language / Multi Currency
  • Filter Suppliers within a Radius of the Geolocation of the Buyer
  • Filter by FOB Location of the Suppliers Products
  • Faceted Search for Navigation
  • Search as you type
  • Choice of 20 Payment processor integrations
  • Separate shipping rules and dynamic couriers per supplier
  • Price lists per Customer group
  • Order Approval Processes
  • Add to Cart, Add to Quote processes
  • Single or Separate checkout processes per Supplier
  • Quote requests and Lead Enquiries from Buyers
  • Supplier Order, Inventory and Price Integration
  • Supplier Portals to self manage Leads, Products and Orders
  • Login access to limit access to technical data sheets
  • Plus a Separate Storefront for Each Supplier
  • Plus a 2nd Private Marketplace Store for Sellers to purchase: ad packages, monthly subscriptions and lead packages
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