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Distribution / Wholesalers

We have helped many distributors and wholesalers with B2B solutions to handle multiple stores and resellers. A common thread is the need for either multiple suppliers or multiple reseller stores. Avetti Commerce supports multiple stores but once you have more than a few its critical to have tools to manage data that is shared by many stores.

We have a master catalog module that permits managing product data for hundreds of stores. Reseller stores can subscribe to products in the master catalog and be pushed updates when data changes. This approach works well but what if you have 150,000 products and 1,000 stores. What is required is a way to share product data in the reseller stores and also keep the database size small.

Another way to support multiple stores is via Marketplaces and our marketplace module supports this. Call us for details to learn more about how this works.

Wholesalers also have a need to have private limited access catalogs. You can show list prices to non logged in users or no prices or even no products. Upon logging in the customer would see prices specific to that shopper group along with any customer specific payment and shipping options. For example only customers with a credit limit might be permitted to pay on account. New customers might only see a Pay by credit card option. We also support the concept of personal and corporate orders to handle the situation where a customer might want to personally purchase an item. We support minimum order quantities and can also specify them at the parent product level so that it does not matter what combination of skus of any size of color are chosen - as long as the minimum is ordered.

We have multiple ways to support multiple stores. Each can be totally independent or you can stack hundreds of stores on the same store. And have unique logos and even templates for each so that each has unique contact us and shipping policies pages. Each can also have unique emails and payment and shipping options.

The above solution works well if all stores share the same catalog. For stores the have a common subset of products a solution to share categories from a master catalog is needed along with support of local products. Contact us and we can show you more ways we support distributors.