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We work with many publishers that sell both physical and digital books

A good example is Harlequin Enterprises that specializes in romance novels and is one of the largest publishers in North America. They sell both ebooks and printed books and required integration to warehouses and back end systems. A key need was performance as they have new books launched on the first day of every month. They previously used an implementation of ATG and found it could no handle the load. It was so bad their IT staff were up all night during the first few days of every month manually terminating user sessions who took too long to purchase. When they switched to Avetti Commerce they were able to handle the load and increase sales. Their team then continued to customize the solution that Avetti delivered with little need for support calling us in only when they wanted upgrades or features.

Antoher publisher we work with is a medical pamphlet publisher that needed 6 stores under different brands to sell to end users and governments. Our team has continued to provide any feature or customization on budget and on time for them for years implementing any requirement of their marketing department.

We have also worked with publishers of digital goods that distribute music securely. Using geolocation top 10 lists change based on the country the shopper is in and the site handles high loads.

If you are a publisher and need multiple stores or have a specific need contact us with your needs.