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Promotional Products

Many of the largest promotional products companies use Avetti Commerce. A key reason is the ability to host hundreds of company stores. We also have extensive capability to personalize and handle custom products.

A key challenge with B2B and specifically promotional product purchasing is that one needs to have the ecommerce process better model the purchase process to avoid phone calls. So situations such as a must receive by date, and information about how much can be delivered and when and support for partial, complete and drop shipping are important.

Other needs are how to handle minimum required purchase amounts where you can advise that a customer must purchase 100 personalized golf shirts but you don't care what size or color combination he chooses.

Image personalization is also a critical factor in promotional product sales. Call us and we can give you a demo about how you can uploading an image and rearrange and overlay text.

Lastly Punchout Catalogs are becoming a much have sales channel for promotional products companies and yes we support that too.