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Multi Channel Retail

Many retailers that are struggling with static or decreasing top line sales are looking to integrate their retail sales processes with the online channel. Omnichannel means melding the sales process such that a shopper can move to/from a mobile device to the physical store's sales process at many points in the discovery, purchase and shipping process.

We are working with many large retailers on integrated solutions that do just this.

We also have helped fast growing retailers with highly scalable solutions.

A recent example is a global 6.5 billion euro large sporting goods retailer that needed a solution for one of its counties. They have a network of big box physical stores and needed a high volume online solution that autoscaled to just idle on 1 server at 3am and launch as many servers as needed based on demand during the mid day rush when customers were shopping. Localization and enhancements for unique tax, payment and shipping problems for this country were required. For example we added capabilities that permitted a motorcycle courier that could only carry a certain volume of product and could only do C.O.D purchases up to a certain amount to show up as a shipping option for only specific postal codes.

The solution was deployed on Amazon AWS (EC2) and fully integrated into the customers ERP and warehouse operations.

We are also working with leading retailers on Omnichannel solutions to further permit sharing of baskets between mobile users and retail staff and would be happy to discuss with you your needs to see if we are a good fit for you.