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We have worked with many Government organizations to supply ecommerce that is integrated into back end systems. We can work with you before you issue your RFP if you have questions about ecommerce and are not sure what to put in your RFP. If you have an RFP we can also respond to it.

A good example of working with Governments is our work with Canada Post. 40 companies bid on the RFP and we were shortlisted with IBM and ATG as the 3 finalists. Price was only 20% of the weighting of the RFP and what won us the contract was our knowledge and expertise and our flexibility to customize our application quickly and cost effectively. In 7 months we totally re-architected our software to create a thin JSF UI layer that talked to an independently scalable web services layer. This flexibility and speed is what we are known for. The project had very complex integration to SAP, to single sign on systems, CMS systems, search systems, and pricing systems and had multiple stores and was delivered on budget.

We also work with a division of the German government that sells german language courses and products in multiple countries in Europe. A key need for course is how to handle course dates, and limited inventory and also multiple languages.

We have also worked with customers that create ecommerce stores that are used to sell only to the US Government and offer special government pricing.

A key factor in all these is integration and flexibility and the ability to stick to quotes provided.