Project Overview

Social Lighting is a B2B2C Marketplace that empowers retail stores to sell lighting products online from wholesalers. With 10,000 categories and up to 60 property facets per product, this is a large, complex site. We implemented a solution using geolocation to route orders directly to the nearest retail store. Retailers also have their own storefront on the marketplace site where they can purchase inventory from wholesalers. Retailers see only product lines they are permitted to resell, and at the price margin the wholesaler has assigned to them. They can also send backorders to be shipped to the store, or drop shipped to customers.



As this is a large site with frequent product updates the Avetti Commerce ReactJS front end was pre-rendered with NextJS for high speed and great Search Engine Optimization. Inventory was tracked by local supplier, within 250 km, and nationally. Book a Meeting processes were setup for products that are On Display in a Store.


  • Custom Design
  • Orders Routed to the Nearest Store via Geolocation
  • Retailers can request to Sell products from specific wholesalers
  • Wholesalers can request specific Retailers to resell their products
  • Each Retail store has an online store
  • Each Wholesale store has an online store with access only by approved retailers
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