B2B Commerce

B2B eCommerce has been growing rapidly in recent years, providing businesses with a new and efficient way to conduct their operations. Unlike B2C eCommerce, B2B eCommerce requires a more optimized communication channel and an automated operation to ensure seamless transactions between businesses. 

The use of automated systems can help to provide a faster and more efficient process that can improve the overall customer experience.

Avetti Commerce platform offers various approaches and services that makes your B2B eCommerce store business friendly to generate more revenue, such as pricing and discounting rules based on customer segments, account management, and purchase approval workflows.

As PunchOut plays a crucial role in enabling B2B eCommerce, Avetti offers PunchOut solutions to streamline the procurement process and improve the efficiency of purchasing activities.

Looking to expand your business? Avetti Commerce can easily upgrade your B2B eCommerce into B2B Marketplace to benefit from a wide range of exclusive features and grow your business.