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Avetti Commerce is great tool for both my small and enterprise level projects. Stable and secure, this open source project got my B2C and B2B sites up and running fast, and its only limitation is my own imagination. I recommend this to anyone looking for a solid, back-end commerce platform that will help take their website development to a whole new level.

- James Peterson , Internet Engineer

..I love working with the Avetti team. I highly recommend their ecommerce platform. more...

- Mike Plourde, IT Director     Geiger

Speed Matters:

  • Kissmetrics found that 1 in 4 people abandon a page that takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • Aberdeen wrote that a 1-second delay can result in a 7% loss in sales
  • Google found that for mobile shoppers 40% will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Avetti found that PHP based ecommerce solutions are an order of magnitude slower than Java solutions.

B2B Ecommerce

Setup hundreds of independent online stores with real time integration to your ERP system. Handle complex ecommerce inventory with partial and complete and drop shipping. Add our PunchOut Catalogs module or Punchout Gateway and integrate to corporate procurement systems. Java source code is included that you can modify. Setup datafeeds to outside vendors or create micro stores selling your products on their sites. Use Master Catalogs to manage products over hundreds of ecommerce websites with custom pricing per client as well. Professional B2B ecommerce.

Developer Training

Work with Experts and get your Developers trained on the fastest most complete platform. We provide support and courseware for your teams to help you make your deadlines.

Our tech stack is Java, Spring, Hibernate, and Solr which all run great on Linux on Apache/nginx Tomcat+Mysql. (or Oracle)

A full webservices stack is included as is a full list of ajx and rest apis to integrate to any system. We have unique and powerful ERP integration tools that make ERP integration a snap.

Email your requirements or Skype us and we’ll advise how well we meet your needs.

Ecommerce Performance

We’ve put some of the leading open source ecommerce platforms to the test. According to Amazon, every 100 ms of delay costs 1% of sales. Google found that an extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%!

Page generation time is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Speed matters! View the ecommerce benchmarking results, and see for yourself.

B2C Ecommerce

The Enterprise Edition gives you the speed you need plus Java Source Code that you can modify. We have Implementation teams to customize the java ecommerce solution and packages to train your staff to get your site up in 10 weeks. Setup Marketplaces and let your suppliers keep products up to date.

Setup 1 or hundreds of online stores and manage them using a master catalog on desktops or mobile devices… B2C shopping cart.

Enterprise Edition

SLA support, PCI compliance, Oracle & MySQL, Tomcat, ATG, Websphere and simple ERP integration that lets your ERP team integrate prices, orders, inventory and product data quickly via simple scripts. Our Rapid Delivery Launch model will get you live in 10 weeks with complete ecommerce training for your team.

Our Implementation teams can enhance and customize your ecommerce to handle any idea your marketing department envisions to make your company stand out in the global online marketplace. The Enterprise Edition of ecommerce software.

On Demand SaaS

Don't want the hassle of setting up your own servers? Deploy your ecommerce website on the cloud on a server we setup for you. We can configure one simple server or an autoscaling cluster that scales when you need it and shuts down when you don't, keeping your running costs low.

Whether you are a Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), or Enterprise level company, we can provide an On Demand SaaS ecommerce solution to help your online business become a top contender. Learn more about the hosted ecommerce solution!


Click here to view some features of the Demo Store.

Seeing is believing; take a look at our demo store and the deep functionality that is included in the back-end administration pages as a Site Administrator.

Simply view the live frontend & backend ecommerce platform demo for System Administration access to see how you can work with multiple online stores using our ecommerce demo.


Click here to view some features of the Demo store.

Looking for a great ecommerce solution with Java Source Code based on the Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Solr that runs great on Apache Tomcat and MySQL?


Watch the Installation Video

  • First purchase a license to receive your SVN account user/pass then follow these steps:

For Windows:

  • Download the Software
  • unzip to C:/
  • Follow the install guide to install Apache 2.2, MySQL 5 and the Java JDK
  • cd c:\avetti\scripts
  • setup.bat your_mysql_root_password

For Linux:

  • sudo su -
  • cd /
  • wget http://download.avetti.ca/avetti-ent.zip
  • unzip avetti-ent.zip
  • cd /avetti/scripts
  • ./setup.sh password_to_set_mysql_to your_server_domain